Friday, May 21, 2010

The Urban Studio Cafe: A Perfect Place for a Practicum

One of the primary goals of The Urban Studio Cafe is to be a gathering place for the Old North St. Louis community. However, during my first week as a practicum student from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, it became evident to me that The Cafe means much more than that to residents of Old North and beyond.

People value The Urban Studio Cafe. They want to be a part of it. One neighbor donated an incredible chocolate tart for us to do with as we pleased. An area taxi driver offered to make all of our deliveries for free. One young lady dropped off extra art supplies. Kids from the neighborhood showed up to help sweep and clean The Cafe at closing.

The sense of community here is overwhelming--but as an outsider, I still feel welcomed by staff and patrons alike. It's o
nly my third day here, and I already feel like part of the community. I look forward to getting to know the faces and the stories of The Urban Studio Cafe this summer--and eating lots of yummy sandwiches!

-- Grace Woodard, MSW Candidate 2011