Monday, September 11, 2006

Capoeira Classes a Great Success!

The Urban Studio wrapped-up an 8 week session of all-ages Capoeira classes (an acrobatic Brazilian martial art that has strongly influenced modern break dancing) September 7th. The classes were made possible through the generous support of The United Way. The Capoeira classes were designed to teach and support the importance of active lifestyles, increased body-awareness, and good nutrition. Classes were 1.5 hours long and were followed by healthy snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables, and hearty sandwiches. Classes began with a warm-up and stretching:

Then, the class spread out and practiced the basic movements together:

Then, in pairs, students practiced moving together with kicks, escapes, and cartwheels:

Every student progressed dramatically throughout the 8-week session, gaining strength, flexibility, discipline, and self-confidence. The Urban Studio would like to thank The United Way (, Grace Hill (, Capoeira St. Louis (, and The Confluence Academy ( for their support of these classes. We are seeking support in order to offer another session of Capoeira classes this fall/winter. Please contact us with resources:

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Anonymous said...

Those classes look great! Congratulations to The Urban Studio and to the students and teachers who took part in the classes.
Are there plans for future capoeira classes at The Urban Studio?