Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Urban Studio Summer Programs End with a Bang- Or in This Case, a Flash!

Session 2 of the Picture the Future rounded out a summer of creativity and excitement at the studio. Our talented 11-13 year old photographers produced amazing pictures! Daily adventures allowed us to explore St. Louis on bikes, in water, down slides and most importantly, through the lens.

Making posters about our community at the studio:

Yuseff snaps a photo at the zoo:

Teombi and photo instructor Matt enjoy the sculptures at Laumeier:

Braving St. Louis construction and heat waves for that perfect photograph:

Our crew and Jose the trailranger at the Mary Meachum Freedom crossing.

We want to thank all of the following folks & institutions for their support and involvement with Picture the Future. Without them, this program would not have been possible:
-Grace Hill
-The Linus Foundation
-The City Museum
-The Contemporary Art Museum
-Washington University
-Cbabi Bayoc
-Chinyere Oteh

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