Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tutoring Nights at The Urban Studio!

Fall brings many glorious things. Apples at Eckerds. Sweaters. Art Outside. Leaf piles. The Urban Studio tutoring nights.

Itching to volunteer with the The Urban Studio? We are looking for people interested in spending an hour each Wednesday evening tutoring a neighborhood child at the studio. If this strikes your fancy, please e-mail Phil Valko at and we will match you with a child. If you have a preference with age range or school subject, please include this information in the email as well.

Tutoring program participant Arthur, dilligently typing up his vocab words:

Arthur, not so dilligently goofing around with his tutor, Claire:

1 comment:

Matthew said...

i'd like to help, but i don't know how. is this tutoring in the arts, or just generally?