Friday, June 22, 2007

Adventures in Media Day 4: Quick Quesadillas

(All the contents of this post were created by the Adventures in Media teen participants including the title, all photographs, and the text. Day 4 photographer: Terrell. Witty title: Chelsea)

Today, we went to New Roots in the morning. We learned all about vitamins, minerals, cholesterol, fats, sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates. We learned how many serving of various foods are recommended each day. You should avoid too much cholesterol, fats, and too much protein, but it is important to eat some...just not too much.

Tim helped make fruit smoothies. We each made our own quesadilla for lunch. Cuttin' up collared greens:

Cookin' the quesadilla:
The quesadillas were great:
Relaxing after a full stomach:
After we left New Roots, we went on a scavenger hunt at a local market/convenience store. This is the main market in this part of town. They only had one fresh fruit: gross tomatoes. They had much more unhealthy foods than healthy foods. Dylan found cereals that were all sugar and fat.

After the scavenger hunt, we walked back to The Urban Studio and watched some more of Super Size Me. In the movie, they showed that some marketing images like Ronald McDonald are more easily recognized than images of George Bush or Jesus. After that, we played 3-line improv to learn better ways of acting. At the end of the day, we chose photos and molded the blog:

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