Friday, June 29, 2007

Adventures in Media Day 9: KDHX

(All the contents of this post were created by the Adventures in Media teen participants including the title, all photographs, and the text. Due to technical difficulties, we do not have photographs for Day 9.)

Today we took a field trip to KDHX TV station. We made 3 talk-show style shows which we made up on the spot. Each person played a different role in the production crew. We switched off roles as actors, directors, camera crew, light engineer, and sound engineer. It required a lot of teamwork, and everyone worked very well together.

Then we went to KDHX radio. The tour was short but interesting. We saw behind the scenes of a live radio broadcast. We learned the importance of isolating sound and talked about how musicians can get their music played on the radio.

Everyone learned something new and enjoyed different parts of the day:
Kalin learned that he used to live by the radio station, but he never knew it was there.
Rachel learned how to use the switchboard at the TV station.
Constance was a good director.
Tyler learned that it took many lights and cameras to get a shot.
Terrell's favorite part of the day was "The Whitney Houston Show."
Kanazia liked acting in front of the camera.

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