Monday, June 25, 2007

Adventures in Media Day 6: Let's start acting! Sponsored by Fresh Image Productions and Mineral Productions

(All the contents of this post were created by the Adventures in Media teen participants including the title, all photographs, and the text. Day 6 photographer: Connie. Witty title: group effort)

We did a lot of things today. First of all, we had two new teachers, Aurelie and Robert. They were nice and cool. In the morning, we made our very own production companies. Kalin, Rachel, Connie, and Kenazia's production company is called Fresh Image, and their slogan is, "Get Fresh, Get Crunk (hyped up)." They are producing a commercial for Crunk bars starring rapper "Killa Kale."

Dylan, Jelenda, Kierra, Chelsea, and Tim's production company is called Mineral Productions, and their message is "Get up n' get out!" They are producing a music video with rapping, singing, and dancing.

We took a break from producing to play kickball, eat lunch, and watch Supersize Me.

The group playing kickball and having fun:

Then we played acting games to learn how to become different characters so we are more comfortable in front of the camera.

For the rest of the afternoon, we worked on storyboarding for our videos. Kenazia is excited that we are finally getting into media more. Kalin's favorite part was making the production companies.

Playing an acting game:

A group working very hard on their storyboard:

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