Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adventures in Media Day 3: The Program Begins to Sprout

(All the contents of this post were created by the Adventures in Media teen participants including the title, all photographs, and the text. Day 3 photographer: Rachel & Constance. Witty title: Tyler)

This morning, we watched a DVD of the commercials we made yesterday. Some were better than others. The best commercials were the ones where the actors had the best relationships off camera. The best commercials also had better scripts.

We watched part of Super Size Me which made us think more about what we eat at McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. It was nasty.

We then walked down the street to a park to play kickball. After kickball, we walked back to The Urban Studio to eat lunch.

After lunch, we walked to New Roots Urban Farm where we planted melon seeds and harvested sprouts. We had a good conversation at New Roots about what we would do if we had a lot of money. Kierra said that she would give it back to her community. Tim said that he would make sure to share it with his family because his family has already shared so much with him.

Snipping the fresh sunflower sprouts:

Herbert Hoover counselor Erica and Kanazia separating the shells from the sprouts:

Teen geniuses help harvest broccoli:

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